Court Farm Primary School

Dream Believe Achieve


In May 2016 Ofsted judged Court Farm to be a good school. We are very proud of our school and are now striving for outstanding.

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Summary of key findings for parents and pupils
This is a good school

  • Following the previous inspection in January 2015,
    the headteacher lost no time in establishing her
    uncompromising ambition for the school’s success.
    She sought the necessary expertise and acted
    quickly on advice. As a result, the quality of
    teaching, learning and assessment has improved
  • All teachers check pupils’ progress vigilantly and
    accurately. They carefully plan each lesson so that
    pupils systematically build on their prior learning
    and progress quickly towards the long-term goals
    appropriate for their age.
  • Pupils of all ages know exactly that is expected of
    them in any lesson. They are rightly proud of how
    well they are doing.
  • Pupils believe they are trusted and valued. They
    look out for each other at playtimes. In lessons,
    pupils remain alert, interested and self-motivated.
  • Children in the early years make good progress
    because of the interesting and purposeful
    activities planned for them each day. Children
    settle quickly. They understand what is expected
    of them and they are keen to do what is right.
  • Governors contribute knowledgeably to directing
    the school’s future. They hold leaders rigorously to
    account for continued rates of pupils’ progress and
    further raising standards.