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News 2017-18

Strange Landings 

When we came back to school after Christmas there was a strange sight awaiting everyone  in the playground. What looked like a meteorite had landed in the playground and everyone was very excited. Staff scrapped all of their plans and spent two weeks doing work all around the theme of space. 

Gifted and Talented Workshop

On Thursday 23rd November we hosted a gifted and talented workshop for local Erdington schools. The workshop was all about using logic and reasoning in mathematics and how to be more independent learners.

Children In Need

On Friday 17th November the children wore odd socks to school to raise money for Children In Need. Thank you for your donations - we raised £144.76

National Space Centre

On Thursday 16th November Year 6 visited the National Space Centre in Leceister as part of their topic on planets. They watched a film in the planetarium about being an astronaut and spent the rest of the day exploring the centre and finding out all about our solar system.

Anti-Bullying Week

The week beginning 13th November was Anti-Bullying Week and te theme this year was being unique. The children spent some of their lessons exploring this idea and learnt the anti-bullying song performed by Andy and the Oddsocks. The children then wore odd socks on Children in Need day.

Good To Be Green

On Tuesday 17th October all of the children who had been 'Green' all half term had a fun session in the hall organised by Mrs Taylor. They played apple bobbing and had lots of activities based around Halloween.

Multi Faith Week

The week beginning 16th October we had a multi-faith week in school. Each class studied a different faith and based their work around it for the week. Children looked at places of worship, holy texts, customs and traditions and celebrations. Year 1 visited a Greek Orthodox Church, Year 2 a Sikh Temple, Year 3 a Hindu Temple  and Year 6 visited the mosque in Aston.

Condover Hall

Between Monday 2nd October and Wednesday 4th October Year 6 visited Condover Hall in Shrewsbury on their residential trip. They had a fantastic time and were a real credit to the school; all of the instructors said how impressed they were with the children's behaviour and attitude towards all of the activities. The children enjoyed taking part in the following activities: zipwire, survival skills, multivines, climbing, lazer maze and grid of stones and lazer conquest. During the evening the children took part in a runaround quiz and a silent disco.

Birmingham Airport

On Friday 29th September Year 3 visited Birmingham International Airport as part of their topic on about travel. They got to see all aspects of airport life from checking in to security to seeing the planes. They all had an enjoyable day and Miss Evans was really pleased with their wonderful behaviour.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

On Thursday 28th September we held a MacMillan coffee morning in school. Many thanks to all of you that donated cakes and to the team that organised and ran the occasion. We had a great turn out in the school hall and then sold the remaining cakes at the end of the day in the playground. Thanks to your support we managed to raise £187.26.

School Choir

On Wednesday 6th September the children were treated to a most entertaining assembly run by the Standing Ovation Project. They performed a number of songs and got everyone involved. They will be running a choir after school on a Monday and will be performing at events throughout the year.

New staff

This year we welcome two new members of staff to our scvhool community: Ms Barker who will be the Year 6 teacher and Miss Orton who will be the Year 5 teacher.

News 2016-17

The Big Sleuth

You will have noticed during the last two summers trails of owls and benches throughout Birmingham and this year there will be sunbears all around the city. These events raise money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital. This year we have been busy painting our sunbear and on Wednesday 28th June the trail was launched. Mr Turner, Gypsy and Fabia went along to represent the school where the mayor officially opened the trail by cutting a ribbon in front of some of the bears at Millenium Point. Our bear, Mary Beary and the Great British Bear Off, is in the window of Sportology in Boldmere so make sure you go and have a look.

Year 5 Class Assembly

On Wednesday 14th June Year 5 treated us to their class assembly based around their Science topic, 'Growing Up and Getting Old.' There were some great performances from the children, who told us the stories of their lives past, present and future through drama, song - and lots of humour.

Good to be Green

On Wednesday 24th May, all of the children who have been on Green all of this half term had their Good to be Green reward. Each class took it in turns to have balloon fun with Mrs Taylor. They played lots of games and the excitement could be heard throughout the school. Now everyone starts afresh for next term.  Let's see if we can have even more children taking part next half term.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground

On Friday 19th May Year 5 had the chance to visit Edgbaston Cricket Ground as part of their topic on sport. They had a fabulous day and the cricket coach said that they were one of the best groups of children he had ever coached. The children had cricket coaching in the morning and had a tour of the ground in the afternoon even accessing areas that only staff are normally allowed in to. They even bumped into the Pakistani cricket team preparing for the ICC Champions Trophy.

Aston Hall

On the 9th May Year 1 visited Aston Hall as part of their Literacy. They went to act out the story of Cinderella and had the chance to perform it throughout Aston hall. The children had a lovely time and enjoyed dressing up.

Easter Week

During the run up to Easter, the children have been decorating cups for Easter. These cups are made and filled with Easter magic, chicks and chocolate and are available to buy from school.

Enterprise fortnight

For the last two weeks of half term Years 1-6 have been planning, organising and setting up their own businesses. Years 1 & 2 have set up a cafe, Years 3 & 4 have set up their own chocolate store and Years 5 & 6 are running their own fitness programmes. 

Year 3 & 4

On Tuesday 14th February Year 3 & 4 invited parents to taste their chocolate creations and give their opinions. There was a great turn out of parents ; thank you  so much.


Year 1 are currently studying Poles Apart as their topic and on Thursday 2nd February they visited the Snowdome so that they could experience what it would be like to be in a cold environment. They all had a fun time tobogganing, playing in the snow and even making snow angels!

Reading Challenge

Each child has been given a reading challenge to complete whereby the more they read, they can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum rewards.

They get a mention in Friday's Celebration Assembly and on our weekly school newsletter aswel as receiving their reward!

Please see your child's class teacher for more information on how your child can complete their challenge.

Y1/2 Sports competition 

On Monday 16th January some of our KS1 children went to Edmund Campion for a sports competition. 

Maddison, Daisy, Abdul, Mujtabah, Andre, Natalia, Jessica, Jack and Ayden ran their socks off and came 4th out of the 8 schools who took part. They have got through to the final of the local schools so keeping checking our website for the final result.

Y5/6 Basketball

On Tuesday 10th January years 5 and 6 took part in a local schools Basketball competition at Erdington Academy. 

Blessing, Abdulrazak, Muna, Lilly-Mae, Shamaiya, Jacob and Jack A all played brilliantly. Our team reached the final of the competition and finished in second place.


In November we had a competition to design a poppy hat for remembrance day. Many children took part and we had a parade in assembly to decide on the winner.

Year 5 Trip to Aberdovey

The week beginning 11th December Year 5 spent three days in the Outward Bound Centre in Aberdovey taking part in some great outdoor activities. The children had a fantastic time walking in the mountains, doing activities on the beach, cave exploring and even canoeing in the sea. The children were a credit to  the school and were all very resilient when facing all of the activities. 

The Snowdome

As part of their topic Poles Apart Year 1 visited the Snowdome on Friday 24th November. They played in the snow and had great fun tubing and sledging.

Year 5 Class Assembly

On Wednesday 22nd November Year 5's class assembly explained to us all what a hero was and how we all can be heroes if we are in the right place, at the right time and doing a good deed. Thank you to all of the parents who attended the assembly.

Selly Manor

On Wednesday 15th November Year 4 visited Selly Manor as part of their topic about the Tudors. They learnt about life during Tudor times and even saw a priests hiding hole. The children had an enjoyable and educational day.

Head Boy/Head Girl

Once again this year the appointment of our Hard Boy and Head Girl took place. Year 6 had to apply for the position and then the Year 6 team judged which 3 boys and 3 girls submitted the best applications. Braeden, Mir and Wajud were chosen for the boys and Anastasija, Angemarie and Ka'nah were chosen for the girls. All of the candidates had to speak to the whole school in assembly and they all did a fantastic job telling the children why they were the best candidate. All of the children and staff then voted and Braeden and Anastaija were elected. Well done to evryone.

Sea Life Centre

As part of their topic about rivers, Year 5 visited the Sea Life Centre on Thursday 19th October. They followed the journey of the River Severn from the hills of Wales to the sea.

Year 6 Class Assembly

On Wednesday 18th October Year 6 performed their class assembly to the school and their families. They entertained us with their memories of Condover Hall and performed some of the many songs that they learnt there.

Toy Workshop

On Friday 13th October Year 1 had a toy workshop in school to support their topic about toys. The children were toy detectives and had to repair broken toys. They investigated the materials that were used for making toys and then had to make one of their own.

Enabling Enterprise

On Friday 6th October 15 Year 6 children visited Royal Haskoning DHV in Birmingham as part of our membership of Enabling Enterprise. They got to visit their offices and have a look around at the people at work there. The childeren then had to do a project and present it to the employees in the afternoon. The children had a great day and all of the staff were very proud of them..

Locksmith's House

On Friday 29th September Year 2 visited the Locksmith's house in Willenhall as part of their topic on Victorians. They learned how to assemble locks, had a look around the old Victorian house and even got to do some Victorian chores. Everyone had a super time and represented the school really well. Click here to find out more.


Spelling Bee

We had our spelling bee finals on Friday 29th September for Years 1 - 6 and what an exciting competition it was! This year in the final the children were not allowed to write down any of the words, they had to spell them out loud and we were amazed at how well the children did. It most year groups we had to have a 'bee-off' of extra words because the children had learnt all of their words and got them right.  All of the runners-up received a £10 token and the winners a £20 for WH Smiths and a spelling bee winner's cap.

      Winner                          Runner-up

Y1          Saraiyah                       Mayamiko

Y2         Mikal                             Teodora          

Y3         Arwan                           Tanzeel

Y4         Kaiqi                             Merhawi

Y5         Alveena                       Meron

Y6        Abdi                               Kelly

The Big Sleuth

We hope you all had fun in the summer hunting for all of the bears that were on display around the city. 'Mary Beary' has returned and can be seen in the entrance to the main office.

Year 1 Class Assembly

On Wednesday 28th June Year 1 performed their class assembly in front of a packed hall. They shared the work they had done on flight with us and we all learnt so much. We learnt about the Wright brothers, listened to diary extracts about a trip in a hot air balloon and they entertained us with their own version of the wheels on the bus about aeroplanes.

Reception to Tesco

On Monday 19th June Reception visited Tesco as part of their topic on bakeries. Whilst they were there they got to try diffrent types of cheese, hunted for different coloured fruit and veg, identified fish and spent a long time in the bakery seeing how bread is made. Everyone had a super time and learnt a lot.

Purple Mash Digital Leader Award

Well done to Grace Leigh in year 6 who has become our first 'Purple Mash Digital Leader'. Grace has worked extremely hard towards this award both in and out of school and her time and effort has definitely paid off. 

Well done Miss Evans

We are delighted to announce that our year 3 teacher, Miss Evans, this week became a fully qualified teacher. Miss Evans passed her teaching course with flying colours. We are very lucky that Miss Evans will be continuing as a teacher at Court Farm over the coming years.

Year 3 Class Assembly

On Wednesday 24th May Year 3 entertained us  with a most interesting assembly all about the life of Tutankhamun. The school was even tested at the end of the assembly in a quiz to see who had been listening! We now all know that he was only 9 when he became a pharoah and died of a broken leg when he was just 18.

Warwick Castle

On Friday 12th May Year 4 visited Warwick Castle as part of their toipc on crime and punishment through the ages. They enjoyed exploring the castle, watching a bowman show, seeing the trebuchet at work and taking part in a crime and punishment workshop.

PCSO Workshops

During the week beginning 2nd May our local PCSOs came into school and visited all of the classrooms to deliver a number of workshops. EYFS and KS1 were taught about stranger danger and road safety and KS2 had workshops about intrenet safety. Everyone learnt a lot and we were grateful to our PCSOs for giving up their time to visit us.

Victorian Day

On 30th March Year 1 came to school dressed as Victorians and were treated to a Victorian style day by Mrs Evans and Mrs Azim. They sat in rows, had hand inspections and learnt all about Victorian schools.

Tamworth Castle

On Thursday 2nd February Year 5 visited Tamworth Castle to support their topic on Invaders. They had a tour around the castle in the morning and in the afternoon they had two workshops. One looked at Saxon armoury and weaponry and the other was an archaeological workshop where the children learnt about how to dig for historical artefacts. The children had a great time and were a real credit to the school.

Y5/6 Basketball

Congratulations to our basketball team who took part in the area finals and came away with bronze medals! They played six matches and were only defeated in one - a great achievement and we are all super proud of them.

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 17th January our year 5 and 6 swimmers took part in a Swimming Gala between local schools at Erdington swimming baths. 

Ella, Tegan, Munirat, Anastasija, Lacey, Jack S, Abdulrazak and Jacob all swam brilliantly.

A massive congratulations to Ella Smith who won a bronze medal.

Head Boy & Head Girl

On Tuesday 11th October our candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl, Daniel, Joshua, Callum, Titilayo, Muna and Courtney,  made their speeches to the whole school before the voting began. The children had prepared really well and it took real confidence to stand before everyone and put forward their case. All of the children did really well and at the end of the day it was announced that Callum and Courtney had been elected.

George Fouche Visit

On Monday 10th October George Fouche visited us and gave an inspirational assembly to the whole school and then did workshops with year 5 & 6. He told us his life story, with all its ups and downs, giving the message - dare to aspire. He explained to the children that anything is possible if you work hard. He grew up in a council house in South Africa where the children went to school barefooted!  George became a very successful premiership  and international rugby player and all this despite breaking his neck and being told that he would never walk again. He now coaches internationally with South Africa, having just returned from the Olympic Games and visits many schools and settings giving his talks and workshops. Everyone was moved by his life story and Year 5 & 6 really enjoyed his workshops on how to be successful.