Court Farm Primary School

Dream Believe Achieve


Below are letters that have been sent home with your children. Copies of all letters are available from the school office.

Letters and Newsletters 2019-2011/10/2019

16/03/2020 The following events have been cancelled/postponed:

-Parents evening cancelled

  • Parents evening cancelled
  • All Celebration assemblies postponed
  • All future visits outside of school postponed (including Stratford-Upon-Avon and Cadbury world)
  • Easter events cancelled 
  • Mothers day events cancelled 
  • All sports competitions cancelled

13/03/2020 Newsletter

2/2020 All - World Book Day Letter

14/02/2020 Newsletter

20/01/2020 Newsletter

09/12/2019 Newsletter

04/12/2019 Parent Governor Elections

03/12/2019 What's on this Christmas letter

25/11/2019 Ofsted parent leaflet

25/11/2019 Ofsted notification letter

22/11/2019 Y2 Local Visit

21/11/2019 Wise2 Parent meeting leaflet

14/11/2019 Reminder slip Reception applications Deadline 15th January.

14/11/2019 Year 1 and 2 Safari Park

14/11/2019 Reception Snowdome

11/11/2019 Thinktank Y4

06/11/2019 Newsletter

5/11/2019 Y5 Swimming letter

23/10/2019 School Closure

11/10/2019 Parents' Evening letter

11/10/2019 NNRR Stay and Play session

10/10/2019 Reception-Year 6 Flu Jab letter

01/10/2019 Reminder slip Secondary School Application deadline 31st October 2019.

27/09/2019 Newsletter Friday 27th September 2019

26/09/2019 Author visit to EYFS/KS1 

18/09/2019 Home School Agreement

06/09/2019 Newsletter

06/09/2019 Year 6 Secondary School information sheet

06/09/2019 Year 6 Secondary School - Birmingham schools admissions booklet containing information on admission policies of all Secondary schools

04/09/2019 Sports club letters/storytime letters/Year 6 swimming letter. Available from office on request.

03/09/2019 Whole school attendance letter


Autumn term

Reception-Snowdome ( 11th December).

Year 1 - Legoland (11th October)

            RE Visit  (24th October)

            West Midlands Safari Park ( 13th December)

Year 2 - Locksmith house (3rd October)

               RE Visit(22nd October)

              Local Visit (27th November)

             West Midlands Safari Park ( 13th December)

Year 3 - RE Visit (21st October)

Year 4 - Warwick Castle  (10th October)

              Thinktank (14th November)

Year 5 - WW1 Experience (12th November)

              RE Visit (24th October)

 Year 6 - National Space Centre (7th October)

               RE Trip (23rd October)

       Residential to Aberdovey Outward Bound




Sports and clubs


Monday - myOn club

              - Comic Club

Tuesday - Year 2 Storytime club/Change4life club

Wednesday - Year 1/2 sports club

Thursday - Year 3/4/5/6 sports club