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This mailbox will be monitored by Year 6 staff for any school work related queries. 

Welcome back everyone. We are all really excited at the start of this new year and look forward to achieving great things in Year 6. This year the class will be split in two, with Miss Barker and Mr Quirk having half a class each and you will be split even further for Maths and Literacy with Mr Husted having a group as well. If you have any concerns about anything we are all available at the end  of the phone for the moment.

Ms Barker
Ms Barker
Mr Osborne
Mr Osborne

Home Learning

wb 14th September


There are three lots of sheets here focused on place value. Try and do as much as you can whilst at home for the next few days.

Maths Whizz

Please make sure that your child goes on to Maths Whizz for at least half an hour a week at home. Click here


Web Address

What does it do?

Bitesize grammar


Helps to remind you of some of the main spelling and grammar rules in a fun way.

Accelerated Reader


Gives good examples of how to use all those different pieces of punctuation we have talked about in class

That quiz


Gives you quick practise of key number skills to help your mental maths. Don’t forget to up the level and difficulty on the side bar!

Reading comprehension passages (it’s the 2nd website down!)


Gives you lots of short, but interesting reading passages, which you can then sharpen your comprehension skills on by answering the multiple choice questions. (Year 6 need to be doing the grade 5+ questions)  


If you have anything that you wish to talk to us about please approach us at the end of the day or contact the school office if you would prefer to make an appointment.

Mr Quirk
Mr Quirk
Miss May
Miss May


Last week we read the first chapter of the Iron Man and collected a bank of ideas using our senses that described the setting.

We have already started with the opening paragraph which included three questions and a statement. Now continue by describing the setting around the Iron Man on the cliffside. Remember to use all of your senses and just focus on the setting not what the Iron Man might be doing.

Have a go at one of these comprehensions about the NHS.

Power project

This half term the project for Y6 is 'Out of this World.'

Year 6 will have a weekly spelling test.

Spellings will be given out every Thursday and the test will take place the following Thursday.



PE: Children will participate in 2 one hour P.E. sessions per week - on a Tuesday  and Friday.


All children require a P.E. kit to join in; this consists of a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps/trainers.



Children will be using A.P.E within many different lessons of the curriculum. If you would like to support your children with this at home. Please click the following link A.P.E Sheet for further information.


Reading is a key skill that we want all children to develop. Please read with your children regularly and record this in their planner. It is important that fluent readers have the chance to read and talk about books with an adult. Please ask questions that check whether your child understands what they have read.