Court Farm Primary School

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Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team are available on a daily basis to support children and parents/carers. In our team we have Mrs Taylor (senior learning mentor), Mrs Nicholls (mental health support/first aid) and Esther Finn (pastoral manager). We work very closely with our colleague Mrs Brown (SENDCO) to support children and families across our school community. In the past we have provided a variety of workshops and courses for parents including.......First Aid-British Sign Language-Healthy Eating-Gardening Club-Maths and English. Obviously, these types of activities have had to take a back seat in recent times but we hope to provide more in the this space!                                                           Between us we can offer a range of support for children and parents including......advice on managing children's behaviour, support with attendance, specialised mental health advice and signposting, bereavement support for children in school, applications for funding to support parents/Foodbank referrals, applications for White Goods for families and support with applications for the EU settlement scheme. We often attend meetings with parents and  outside agencies. We can also make specialised referrals to agencies such as School Nurse Team, Forward Thinking (who help with children's emotional development) and Homestart (who can offer practical support in the home).            In addition to the above, we have a counselling service here in school for children twice per week. Twotentherapy have worked here at Court Farm Primary for over 3 years. They have kindly extended their service to offer free counselling to parents/carers who have a child in our school. This can currently take place in person, on zoom or by telephone call.

During the past difficult year during the Covid Lockdown, we have continued to support children and families by keeping in touch with them regularly by telephone, carrying out doorstep home visits, delivered laptops to the children at home, provided food parcels and also applied for emergency funding for families who were struggling financially due to the pandemic. 

Please get in touch if you need support. We are a very friendly team and always happy to help. We can arrange a confidential telephone call, Zoom meeting or meeting here in school if you prefer. Please see the leaflet below with details of the type of support available for children and families here in Birmingham.