Court Farm Primary School

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Behaviour and Attitudes

Court Farm Primary School is a restorative community.

 The restorative approach helps to develop a happier school where the focus is on learning not conflict. Every member of our school community should feel safe and respected and will know that when things go wrong we will do everything we can to help put it right.

Restorative approaches encourage people to think about how their behaviour has affected others. In September 2022, Court Farm fully embraced the restorative approach and adults model the use of these attitudes for our pupils.  This approach helps children to develop respect, responsibility and truth telling.

If your child has been upset, we will try our very best to make sure they feel that it has been put right for them and that it will not happen again.  If a child has done something which has caused harm to another they will have the opportunity to repair this harm in a meaningful way.  All staff have been trained to use emotion coaching and use their expertise when addressing children.